Fifo’s Night Might Be The Perfect Halloween Platformer

Character platformers is a genre of games that seems to be making a pretty big comeback. Off the back of games like Crash and Spyro returning, it’s a good time to be into playing as cute characters and trying to collect things. It’s something that was huge when the N64 was in power, but it died down a bit in the years that followed as games got more action-packed and things became more dark and gritty. Life also became more dark and gritty after that, and maybe that’s why we’re seeing a return to these cutesy little games.

Well, I’ve got to introduce you to a new indie contender in this ring called Fifo’s Night. Announced last year, Fifo’s Night has you playing as a little ghost and exploring a magical mansion and jumping a lot. Well, I assume you’re jumping a lot, otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a platformer. It’s got all of the things you’d expect from this kind of game too, and that means loads of collectables, more secrets than could ever possibly be found, and a bunch of puzzles thrown in for good measure.

I’m not 100% sure as to why the main character has to jump, given that they appear to be a ghost, but hey, I can suspend my disbelief. The game looks really cute, and it could be a lot of fun too, especially given the timing as it comes out on October 29th, just before the spookiest day of the year, which is nice.