Disjunction Is A Cyberpunk Hotline Miami

Having recently started trying to keep an eye on literally every indie game that comes out, I’ve noticed that there are nearly always new and exciting ones that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Sometimes that’s just a matter of it being busy, sometimes it’s a late confirmation of a release date. I’ve no idea why it is that I missed Disjunction, but damn does it looks good. It’s a cyberpunk stealth-action RPG that looks an awful lot like a slightly less hectic and slightly more thoughtful Hotline Miami.

You get to play as three different characters, each of which will have their own starting abilities and upgrade paths too, which means you’ll be able to customise them however you want, and it also means there should be some decent replayability here too. It’s the kind of game that would be very easy to sink a few hours into just trying to make your way through a single level perfectly, and the story itself will react to your choices, meaning there should be multiple endings as well.

I’m a big fan of this top-down style of action game, and I also think it helps stealth games a lot because you get to feel like a pro when you know everything going on around you. It’s also just a nice art style and I’m kind of hoping it’#ll help people enjoy the cyberpunk genre again. You know, just in case another game in the cyberpunk world recently ruined the genre for them.