The Shore Looks Absolutely Horrifying

I like a good adventure game, and while horror isn’t my thing, I do occasionally try and suck it up to enjoy one. One that’s caught my attention this week is called The Shore, which is a first-person story game very clearly inspired by the eldritch horrors that so many people like to indulge in. It’s a subgenre I like to investigate because when it’s done well it’s exceptional, but it’s a hard one to do well because the basis, or at least most of the famous examples of it, are inherently problematic.

The Shore has you playing as a father who’s lost their daughter, and you have to make your way through a world of horrors to try and save her. The way the visuals show off the monsters is good, and the graphics look nice, so I’m hoping it also manages to avoid the issues with Lovecraft’s work. Assuming that’s the case, then this could be an interesting foray into the world of the eldritch from an interesting perspective.

There’s also going to be combat in the game, and it’ll be interesting to see how that’s done. Combat in eldritch games is tricky because you’re fighting against unthinkable. Theoretically, nothing we can do would be able to hurt them due to the whole illogical thing they’ve got going on. That being said, the other end of things has you hacking up these same beings with weapons that look like pizza cutters, so I guess it’s good as long as it feels good.