You Should Play UnDungeon Arena

The splendour of UnDungeon Arena’s intricate, pixelated ruins was what drew me in; the hints of a denser, more elaborate backstory kept me endlessly intrigued. UnDungeon Arena is a standalone hack-and-slash based on an upcoming fantasy RPG called UnDungeon–and it’s a fascinating universe filled with eldritch creatures, tyrannical gods, and unrelenting hostility.

In this world, a cataclysmic event had taken place, with a multiverse of parallel worlds colliding into one another. What emerges is a race of immortal beings known as Heralds which are free to traverse through this multiverse. You can take up arms as one of the Heralds, or a god-like entity known as Marduk, where you’ll defend yourself against waves of fiends and other combatants as a space gladiator. You’ll also get to earn some handsome amount of bronze coins, which you can use to barter with sleazy merchants looking to make a quick buck off your fights or well, eventual demise. 

It’s a repetitive but satisfying loop of buying better weapons and healing elixirs, and then diving back into the heart of battle–all for a shot at some imagined glory. Combat, too, is deliciously gratifying and fast-paced, whether you’re playing as a longer range combatant or prefer eviscerating your enemies up close with your razor-sharp claws.

UnDungeon Arena is admittedly a straightforward affair. It doesn’t seem to aspire to be more than just a satisfying hack ‘em up, set in an archaic world that’s knee deep in lore. That said, it’s also probably a prelude to the sort of fisticuffs we can expect to see in UnDungeon’s full release, accompanied by some very weighty storytelling. A darn enticing appetizer to the main event.

As always, you can check out the game here.