SWAN Chernobyl Unexplained 1

Visit Chernobyl on the 35th anniversary of the nuclear disaster in S.W.A.N.: Chernobyl Unexplored

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The Chernobyl Exclusion zone (also commonly known as The Zone) covers an area of approximately 2,600 km², so there is no surprise that even 35 years after the nuclear disaster it still has some undiscovered secrets. One of them – the S.W.A.N. Institute – has just recently come to light thanks to researchers from Volframe and Art Games Studio.

Their newest horror game, S.W.A.N.: Chernobyl Unexplored, will let you experience the incident that history books remained silent about: the story of the S.W.A.N. Institute. Take part in the research expedition and be one of the first people to get inside the facility since the reactor failure. You’ll discover the place kept secret by USSR authorities, omitted during the evacuation after the Chernobyl disaster.

The player will take the role of special research and rescue expedition member, sent behind the Institute walls, to save patients and personnel locked inside. Unfortunately, the tides will turn quickly and the team will realise that, first and foremost, they need to save themselves.

During the expedition, the player will solve various puzzles and try to survive encounters with beings left off in the Institute.

Unexplained phenomena and anomalies closed behind the Institute’s doors mark the beginning of a story about fighting for survival at the borderline between humanity and unknown power, which takes us on an increasingly abstract and psychological journey through a reality separated from our own.

S.W.A.N.: Chernobyl Unexplored will be released on Monday 26th April, to mark the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.