The Longest Road On Earth

The Longest Road on Earth wants its journey to be yours

Fun fact: the actual longest road on Earth, at least through a cursory search on Google, is the Pan American Highway, which spans a staggering 30,000 km across the American continents. It also makes for an eventful road trip, as the highway passes through several diverse terrains—from jungles to tundras—as well as 14 countries.

Similarly, the interactive narrative game, The Longest Road On Earth, promises to take you along on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride as well. A game that’s particularly concerned about imparting a personal, intimate tale, unencumbered by the messy web of interpretations and meaning, The Longest Road on Earth is devoid of text and dialogue. What’s more is that it’s also presented in stark black and white—all so to minimise any possible, unintentional influences on your perspective. 

“We’ve chosen Pixel Art as our medium, with an iconic black and white style yet detailed backgrounds to enhance neutrality rather than a nostalgic tone, as well as promoting the player’s interpretation of the game world and characters’ feelings,” shared its developers on their Kickstarter page. In other words, it wants to be a game that’s primarily about your own journey—not the developers’.

Despite these gargantuan efforts to eliminate any bias that may seep from its team into the game, The Longest Road on Earth still boasts of an “emotionally-charged” soundtrack, one that will heighten its meditative quality. It also describes itself as “the ultimate in chill”, so players can “insert themselves into the everyday lives of characters facing very real feelings of freedom, loss, gratitude, and joy”. All of which leaves me both bewildered and intrigued in equal measure, because I cannot reconcile with the idea that a creation can be both expressive and moving, while curtailing the developers’ very identity within itself.

But I am open to being proven wrong, which is why I’m looking forward to playing The Longest Road On Earth when it’s released on May 20. You can also try out the demo on Steam.