Build a robotic space colony in space MMO Starbase

Space MMOs are often about their sheer size and scope, underpinned by a combination of new-fangled technology that supports their universes’ seeming infinity. Age of Ascent wants to be the “biggest MMO ever” with a cloud-based architecture that supports the game’s systems. No Man’s Sky famously boasts a procedurally generated universe of 18 quintillion planets through a single equation. And of course there’s the perennial Eve Online, which is notable for having its own functioning, player-driven economy and politics. 

In the same vein, the upcoming space MMO, Starbase, hopes to capture the same sense of spacefaring awe with “a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe”—-except that you’re also a robot. Thank god humanity is finally over.

Of course, like any respectable space flight games, there’s also a gargantuan list of activities you can carry out in Starbase too: 

  • Construct highly immaculate spaceships with in-game programming chips
  • Create automated factories and design electricity and data networks
  • Explore an expanding galaxy filled with stations, asteroid fields and space hubs
  • Mine for raw materials and resources in asteroids
  • Trade ship parts and materials with other players
  • Build your trading company for endless riches
  • Engage in good ol’ fashioned first person shooting and space combat

One of the most striking aspects of Starbase is the rapid, dizzying action of its space combat and first-person shooting. But even with all the tools to simulate a living, breathing universe, there’s a tendency for many space MMOs to turn into a number crunching exercise. I’m curious to see what more about Starbase can bring these disparate features together.

It probably wouldn’t take us long to find out. Starbase will be blasting into Steam’s Early Access on 17 June.