Fractured Veil

Survive a mutant-infested Hawaii in Fractured Veil

The juxtaposition between paradise in a tropical island like Hawaii, versus impending scenes of death and tragedy has been well-explored in the zombie survival horror game Dead Island. Remember that absolutely heart-wrenching Dead Island trailer back in 2011 that made everyone teary-eyed, but which also led to widespread disappointment when the game couldn’t deliver the same emotional depths as the trailer? Watch that if you haven’t, or can’t remember anything about it—the trailer actually won a Golden Lion at Cannes, one of the most prestigious advertising awards shows in the world.

Fortunately, the trailer to Fractured Veil, an upcoming survival game which is also about living through an apocalypse set in a future Hawaii, hasn’t set the same sky-high expectations as Dead Island. Instead, it simply begins with typical tourist destination promotional shots about taking a vacation in Maui, complete with peaceful montages of wildlife like deers, bunnies and bears, living in harmony with nature. But these images of serenity are swiftly shattered with scenes of violence and bloodshed.

Of course, Hawaii in this alternate reality has also gone to hell, with you playing as one of the few survivors on this island. Turns out a catastrophe that took place a decade ago has mutated every living being into some murderous beasts and zombies, so you’ll have to work with a community to survive this mess, for as long as you can.

There seems to be plenty to keep yourself busy with in Fractured Veil, from base-building activities and forging tenuous alliances with the tropical wastelanders of this hell-forsaken version of Hawaii. Quests are aplenty, too, as well as honing your combat skills. Typical RPG elements, such as putting points into skills and talents, which can expand your health, stamina, and an assortment of abilities.

This all sounds like the sort of game that the Dead Island sequel could have been, but one aspect of Fractured Veil seems a little suspect. According to the press release, “…fun comes first. Forget turning off the game then coming back later only to find hours of work stolen or destroyed.” This sounds like a bit of a bummer. 

Fractured Veil looks set to be released sometime in 2022.