The Garden Path

Meet friends and cultivate gardens in The Garden Path

I’ve personally never really been one for gardening. It feels like a messy affair, from the sloppiness of moving around soil and bugs, to the clearing up of dropped prunings and plant litter. Most farming sims, of course, do away with the ugliness of these busywork to convey pastoral bliss—and upcoming farm and life sim, The Garden Path, seemed to have perfected this formula. But more than just a game about the gentle pleasures of gardening and farming—a trait that’s succinctly brought out by the game’s aching beautiful hand-drawn aesthetic—it also hints at moments of melancholy and sadness. 

This is hinted at not only in its trailer—you’ll meet folks who, like you, are wrecked with thoughts of anxiety and loneliness—but also in the game’s Steam page. “The world of The Garden Path was designed with comfort in mind. Although a quiet and tranquil experience of flowing streams, gentle breezes and interesting characters, it is a safe space where reflection, and the potential melancholy that comes with it, are encouraged.”

As a gardener of a long abandoned plot of land, you’ll be able to bring life back to a once thriving garden. You can grow and curate your favourite plants, invite neighbours and other charming inhabitants of this land over for tea, and catch copious amounts of fish at a nearby river. Time also passes by in real-time, so that means that most plants in this world will take their time to grow. Changing seasons, too, will also bring about new encounters, new stories, and new friends.   

The Garden Path will be released sometime in 2021.