Moonglow Bay

Revive a fishing village in the wholesome Moonglow Bay

Fishing feels like the pastime of choice for frazzled souls, who are looking for some reprieve from their busy lives. It’s perfect for moments of reverie: throw your line into the river, peer towards the horizon, and wait—all while looking out for a ripple on the surface, or a tell-tale tug from your underwater prey. This gentle pace has led to fishing being unfairly misconstrued as a mind-numbingly boring activity, but it’s also why many relaxing games contain elements of fishing, or are built around this pastime.

Moonglow Bay is one of those soothing titles, where you’ll play as a rookie angler moving into the eponymous town. Once popular for its fishing spots and for being “the jewel of the Eastern Canadian coastline”, this community has since moved away from the fishing trade due to the rumours of dangerous, fantastical creatures lurking around its shores. In an attempt to revive the town and save it from the verge of bankruptcy, you’ve decided to help restore this fishing village to its heyday.

What this means, of course, is that you’ll be doing a lot of fishing, gathering an encyclopedic collection of fishes, and acquiring a variety of fishing equipment—from fishing boats to rods. Collect rare recipes and set up shop to sell your catch, and hop on your boat, too, and visit the furthest reaches of the sea. You can even make some friends within the community, too. Moonglow Bay’s pleasing voxel-pixel aesthetics and mellow soundtrack play into its leisurely vibe perfectly, while expanding your fish collection and ticking off the rest of your to-do list feels like a wonderfully serene way to pass the time.

Look out for the gentle antics of Moonglow Bay, which will be released on 7 October this year.