Become An Adorable Sugar Glider In AWAY: The Survival Series

Not every game has to be about guns, the inherent flaws of humanity, or the inevitable heat-death of the universe. In fact, it’s always quite nice when none of those things are featured at all, and instead, you get to simply vibe in a different life to the one you have. AWAY: The Survival Series is a game where you take control of a little creature called a sugar glider who’s just trying to save their family.

You’ll have to glide through the trees, fight off scary predators, and just generally live the life of a sugar glider as you journey around beautiful locations as the narration talks about everything that’s happening as though it was a nature documentary. The music fits that too, as it’s being composed by Mike Raznick, who worked on BBC’s Life and Planet Eart 2. Basically, the aim here is to have you feel as though you’re watching nature in action, but while you’re actually in control of it.

If that’s not already enough to sell you on it, you’ll also be happy to know that you can control other creatures too. There are ones hidden away that you can take control of and see how they live their lives. It’s a really sweet idea all-in-all, and we’re genuinely very excited to see it in action properly when it releases on September 28th. It’s just hard to resist adorable little creatures, you know? You had better know, because that’s the law of the land around here.