Gang Beasts Is On Switch, Go And Play It

Look, we’ve no idea if you’re as into the pure chaos of Gang Beasts as we are, but if you’re not, we can only assume it’s because you’ve never played it. Gang Beasts is finally out on Switch, which feels like a perfect place for it to be, despite the fact that we’re not sure the handheld-hybrid can truly continue the sheer absurdity that this game dishes out in every match.

Gang Beasts has you playing as one of several brightly-coloured and strangely dressed humanoid creatures as you try to always be the last one standing. This isn’t a battle royale though (although good lord, can you imagine), instead, it simply has players fighting against their friends to try and push, pull, throw, and stumble their way through battles. You’ll fight atop blimps, on trucks on the motorway, and at lighthouses. Nothing is off-limits, everything is incredibly deadly, and you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll be in pain.

The hilarity stems not just from the concept, but from the controls. Every single step is basically agony to take part in, and you have to learn how to control your arms separately, hold onto things and let go correctly, and maybe even master special moves like the headbutt, or the dropkick. At least, I think that’s what the little gelatinous humanoid is trying to do. It’s just an astoundingly good time, and it’s great to see it come to Switch, where it will hopefully find even more success.