Among Us Is Getting Shapeshifters

So, there’s a big old update coming to a little game called Among Us that you might have heard of. You might have heard of the game, we mean, not the update, though that’s possible too. Among Us is going to be introducing roles in an upcoming major update, and they’re going to change how the game function quite a bit. We’ve finally had something of a sneak peek at one of these, and it’s the Shapeshifter role.

The Shapeshifter is a spin on the usual imposter. They’re still going to be tasked with killing everyone off, because that’s most of the fun of the game, but they’ve got a nifty new ability that’ll help them do it. You see, they’re going to be able to turn into other players, cosmetics and nameplate and all. It means that you can run around as the impostor looking like someone else, and kill someone off to frame them. That’ll only work once though, as then people will learn not to trust their eyes.

It sounds really overpowered, but it’s an ability that comes with limitations, leaves a trail behind, and presumably takes a little bit of time to use too. However, while the role itself is exciting, it has us really hyped for what the future of the game holds. Among Us is still one of the more easily accessible group games we have access to, and the idea that there could be a lottery for which kind of roles there are in each game could really reinvigorate interest in it. We’re not saying it’s a dead game, because that’s stupid, but it’s going to be even more popular when this update hits.