bright memory

Bright Memory: Infinite Is Coming Soon

Bright Memory: Infinite is a game that’s so Earth-shatteringly pretty that it’s kind of hard to believe it’s going to work. Despite that, after a fair few months of waiting, we finally have a release date for it, and naturally, our bodies are ready. The game – which is the follow-up to Bright Memory, no surprises there – features a badass protagonist called Sheila who can shoot and slash their way through hordes of enemies.

It looks a bit like a first-person Devil May Cry, so your aims here aren’t just to survive and get through the level, although that’ll help, but to survive and take everything out with style. That means combining everything the protagonist has at their disposal to try and look as cool as possible while also dodging bullets and attacks as they come at you. The original game is still sitting with a very positive review score on both recent and all reviews, so it’s probably fair to assume that the next instalment is going to be just as good.

If this all sounds like something you could sink your teeth into, then you’ll be very glad to know that you’ve only got a few days to wait until it releases on November 11th in some places. Time is weird. We’ll definitely be aiming to have a review of it go up when we can too, so keep an eye on The Indie Game Website to see what we think of it, and whether or not it’s as good as it looks.