You Should Play HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed

If you, like me, find yourself spending a lot of time having to be an adult constantly, then you’ll likely be thankful for a chance to relive simpler times. We’re talking about the days you used to spend playing with action figures and having soldiers fight against Beyblades and dinosaurs. The halcyon days of our youths are well behind some of us, but HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed offers something of a time machine in these times.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed has you controlling a small soldier, if you’ll indulge the pun, as they fight off waves of enemies. The aim is to protect different stations from the plethora of evil toys aiming to take them out and destroy you. You’ll be able to set down defences in certain areas to protect them, but you’ll usually have to rely on yourself and your friends to get through. Thankfully, despite being toys, you’re all packing a truly shocking amount of firepower.

Your weapon can be switched between two different modes, and you can change those throughout each match by buying new components. I’m a big fan of the plasma gun and the grenade launcher, but you’ll find ones that work for you. Every level you complete unlocks new items to use, both cosmetic and actually useful, and you can play it all in co-op locally or online. Plus, there are a bunch of PvP modes too, including specific local ones for those times when you just want to party, but digitally. It’s all a lot of fun, and I can’t recommend it enough.