Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Review

Pure fun

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is one of those games that got released, but didn’t get much press attention. I’m obviously of the opinion that it’s not really our fault. We do what we can to cover everything, but ultimately, a lot of genuinely excellent games get released that never get the fair shake they deserve. It would be very easy to turn this into an article about that, but instead, I’m just going to wax lyrical about how absolutely delightful Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is, and why you should play it.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a voxel-based fighting game where you play as a human brain in a robot body cutting down actual robots in robot bodies. It’s a game that, for some reason, I’d assumed was a roguelike, and while it has some elements of that, it’s more of a beat ’em up than anything else.

You control your character by moving around, attacking while moving forwards to attack vertically, and attacking while moving sideways to attack horizontally. You also unlock things like kicks, different weapons, and even flame breath eventually. You start off by fighting in an arena using these abilities, and you’ll eventually take successful combatants out onto other missions as you try and fight back against the overwhelming might of the robots.

Surprise, Human!

I wasn’t expecting that at all, I just thought that Clone Drone in the Danger Zone was a game about fighting robots and making it look cool. Don’t get me wrong, when you cut down a line of three robots in one swing of your flaming sword, it definitely looks cool, but that’s not the point. In fact, I don’t even think the story mode is the point either.

It’s one of those games where I’m fairly confident that the game made by the developers themselves is just the first impression. The campaign is fun, the challenges can be utterly brutal, but incredibly rewarding, and there’s even a few multiplayer bits to mess around with as well. However, I get the distinct impression that Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is one of those games that’s all about creativity, and inspiring that in its fan base.

Do it yourself

You see, the game has a level editor that’s so complicated that I know I’m never going to get my head around it. I’m glad it’s there, sure, but I’m also certain that the community have done far more impressive things than I’d ever dream of. It means that coming to the game a few months after its full release, and over four years since it hit early access, is an overwhelmingly positive experience.

More things to do is good, sure, but the simple joy of cutting off an enemies leg and watching them hop after you, or kiting a group into a pit of spikes, is one that’s so infinitely repeatable that you’ll find yourself engaging with the game just to get that kick again.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is both good fun, but also somewhat surprising in the story it tells. There’s a lot more to it than just swinging a sword around, but even if there wasn’t, having a big old flaming sword or a giant hammer and then slashing and smashing enemy bots is more than satisfying enough to hold most people’s attention.