A Letter From The Editor

If you’re wondering why there’s a capybara here, then don’t wonder, just enjoy it. As you’ll know from the post Lewis made, The Indie Game Website is, at least for now, taking a break. I’ve never written a post like this before, and while I could easily wax on about how important the site has been for me, I want to focus on the positive effect I think it has on the general industry. Sure, we’ve undoubtedly become an important place for indie coverage, which is no big surprise when we’re on Metacritic and one of the places that is exclusively dedicated to indie gaming, but I think The Indie Game Website has also been integral to helping out some of the incredible journalists that either will, or already are, helping to make the industry better.

Upon starting as the editor in January 2020, one of the things I wanted to make sure the site did was help writers out. The website tended to attract newer writers and as such, I always did my best to offer as much advice as possible during the process. I also made a point of asking those who pitched me to pitch other outlets when I thought the idea would work elsewhere. 

My aim was to have the features on the website be the ones that nobody else would buy, not because they were bad, but because the game was too small, or the idea was too niche. That brings me a sense of pride in what IGW has done that can’t be topped by any of my other work in this industry. I hope that, despite the loss of this wonderful place, I can continue to help out other writers, and if anyone reading this is interested in getting a little advice, direction, or help, then you’re always more than welcome to contact me. 

It is, of course, not just writers, though the brilliance of the website is undoubtedly down to those who contributed. Our ability to cover games that others wouldn’t is one that allowed us to, hopefully, bring more eyes to incredible games. While my own bias towards roguelikes and card games is peppered across many of the Daily Dose posts, I always tried to make sure our overall coverage was balanced. 

I genuinely believe that The Indie Game Website has been a force for good in the industry. I think we’ve done important work, I think we’ve done it well, and I think it’ll be looked upon fondly for it too. I have a lot of complicated thoughts about indie games coverage in general that probably do need to be written down, if only for my own brain, but here isn’t the place. What I would ask, is that if you’ve enjoyed the work of the website, you make sure to support indie coverage wherever else you find it. 

Thankfully, Game If You Are, the company that owns the website, will be continuing on with the same ethos the site really flourished with. There’ll be new initiatives announced in the new year on that side of things, and that brings a smile to my face. 

Aside from all of that, I want to thank everyone who’s ever written for, read, shared, or basically interacted at all with an article on the website. The good news is that what’s here isn’t going away anytime soon, so you can always come back to check out our Satisfactory Tips, which always did well, along with whatever roguelike tips you might find yourself in need of.