Blaston Is An Essential Oculus Quest 2 Game

I recently splashed out and treated myself to an Oculus Rift 2, because it’s been an extraordinarily rubbish year, I’m tired, and I miss how visceral VR can feel. Plus, frankly, it’s a purer form of escapism, because I literally can’t perceive the world around me. Anyway, the long and short of that is that I now have a fancy new gadget to mess about with, but I also needed to buy some games to play on it. The Air Link functionality is really impressive, but it’s nice to not have to look at my desktop, even digitally.

Anyway, on a whim, which isn’t something that happens often at this point, I decided to buy Blaston. I’d not heard about the game prior to buying it, but it was on sale, and it looked fun, and that was enough for me. Imagine my surprise then, when it turned out to be absolutely incredible. I’ve played it for at least a couple of hours every night since I bought it.

Blaston is a duelling game that has you facing off against other players and trying to reduce their health to nothing. You do this using the weapons you’ve chosen to bring with you, each of which is randomly chosen and spawns in one of six spots around you. There are no good or bad weapons, not as such. Instead, each weapon serves a different purpose. One of my favourites lays down an electrical beam that deals constant damage if it connects, but effectively gates off part of the small arena even if it doesn’t. Blaston is all about controlling space, using your tools to launch surprise attacks, and moving your body. It’s incredible, and you should play it if you can.