time master game

Time Master; a reality-manipulation puzzle game where you can only rely on yourself. And your other-self.

Prepare to unwind in this challenging new 3D Puzzle Platformer, featuring the cutest, yet most accident-prone character imaginable! Developed and published by MorpheusZ, Time Master is a stunning 3D puzzle game in which players will step into the magical boots of Zeno, a wizard embarking on a journey to save his sister, Sophia, whom he accidentally banished to the Prison Vortex.

Releasing in January next year, Time Master thrusts players into a fantasy-themed universe as they journey through puzzling levels by overcoming tricky obstacles to rescue Zeno’s sister. If things get too tough though, there’s someone else who can offer some help – another Zeno. Wait, what?

This is Time Master’s genius hook – time manipulation. Players will fiddle with the boundaries of time and space, collaborating with their past self to try to complete the Trials of Time, a series of trials devised by the mysterious Ancients. The catch? No one has ever managed to complete them before. 

With a cute art style and an even more adorable main character, Time Master quickly draws players into its intriguing world and the quest to rescue Zeno’s sister. Players will be attempting to recover time fragments by either completing puzzles in chronological order or by returning to previously completed trials and perfecting them in a shorter time period. Along the way, players will find themselves immersed in Time Master’s fully-voiced cinematics, which provides a compelling narrative arc amongst the puzzling fun.