Just Play Outer Wilds, Okay?

Outer Wilds came out in 2019, and has been one of those games that’s just never not been talked about since, at least when it comes to podcasts and whatnot. It’s probably underrated, but only because it’s the kind of game where you’re going to have to think and die a lot, and some people aren’t into that. It is, undoubtedly, excellent, and it’s the kind of game that fits well into any time off work that some of you lucky folks might be having right now.

Outer Wilds is a game about time, space, and mystery. It’s about failing, learning, and growing. It’s about the rewards that await those with an insatiable curiosity, but only if those people also happen to be effectively immortal. It’s filled with the kind of clever moments that’ll have you swearing at it, laughing, and crying. It’s utterly bewitching in everything it does, and if you’ve not played it yet, you should not only be asking yourself why, but also going to your digital storefront of choice to buy it and install it immediately.

It’s not out of line to state that Outer Wilds is likely one of the best games of the last few years, nor is it out of line to state that it is an essential game. Even if it’s not the kind of game you can normally put up with, it’s worth giving a go if you can afford the money and time to do so, because it could well ignite a love of these frustratingly satisfying games that’ll help your gaming life going forwards. Or, just don’t do that. We’re not your dad.