first bite

First Bite Is Incredible

Visual novels are great. It’s not a particularly shocking statement, but it apparently needs repeating every now and then to make sure everyone’s 100% sure of it. So, as we’re all good now, it’s time to talk about First Bite. First Bite is a dark comedy that has you playing as a character called Noe, or you can rename them if you like, who’s a bit of a cryptid hunter. Having spent a lot of their life hunting for the paranormal, they accidentally end up walking into a house populated by three hot vampires.

If, like Noe, that doesn’t sound all that bad to you, then you’ve probably already bought First Bite anyway, and rightly so. Upon entering, you get to hear them playing cards, and naturally, they notice you because you smell of human. Ew, gross. The good news is that, despite potentially being a late-night snack for them, you might have a chance to win them over, and thus begins the game in earnest.

First Bite is filled with constant jokes, memes, and just generally very entire thing writing. It’s also filled with opportunities to find yourself at the wrong end of some vampire’s teeth, so don’t be too surprised if you die. Just make sure you save a lot, basically. The game’s absolutely brilliant, and the character are all wonderfully charming in their own way too. So, you know, go ahead and buy it to support some cool devs and this incredibly thirsty game. We intend our puns.