Trapped within The Indie Game Website is a group of people… people with whom, using a little ingenuity and modern technical magic, you may get in contact with via the methods described below.


Jon Calvin

Editor. Jon has written about indies for the likes of Eurogamer, PC Gamer and GameReactor. In charge of our editorial, Jon enjoys moving things around in Google Calendar.
jon dot calvin at indiegamewebsite dot com | @joncalvin84

James Sheppard

Deputy Editor. James loves a deep action-adventure game, RPG or metroidvania. In addition to making sure everything on the site is as good as it can be, he’s also in charge of reviews.
james dot sheppard at indiegamewebsite dot com | @MisterSheppard

Tabitha Baker

Features Editor. Tabs’ perfect afternoon consists of a cuppa, a biscuit tin, and a good RPG. When she’s not in the world of indies, she’s writing for her own blog, Musings Of A Mario Minion.
tabitha dot baker at indiegamewebsite dot com | @MusingsTwit

Kate Fanthorpe

Associate Editor. Kate has been gaming since she could control a mouse, had a World of Warcraft account far too young, and has a weakness for any game with ‘RPG’ in the description.
kate dot fanthorpe at indiegamewebsite dot com | @futiledevises

Lewis Denby

Publisher. Lewis has worked around indie games for 11 years, including four as a journalist and editor, and five in PR and marketing. Always short, often bearded.
lewis at gameifyouare dot com | @gameifyouare


Additional Contributors

Brittany Vincent, Andrew May, Noah Graham, Ed Nightingale, Rogan Chahine, Myles Garrington, Jeremy Bijl, Abe Foster, Dougie Powell, Astrid Johnson, Alyse Stanley, David Jagneaux, Dan Hodges, Jupiter Hadley, Dann Sullivan, Jason Coles, Jason D’Aprile, Miri Teixeira, Connor Makar, Jill Grodt, Rebecca Stow, Olly Smith and loads more!