New free to play game Slightly Annoying Traffic

The city folk amongst us will wish this was real life.

slightly annoying traffic

Slightly Annoying Traffic is a simple game where your aim, much like when driving in real life, is to avoid a traffic pile up.  However, instead of giving various hand gestures and swearing profusely, all you have to do is click on a vehicle to stop it.  However, perhaps more reminiscent of real driving, other road users will continue to drive without giving a moments thought to other road users.

The game is over when but one crash happens.  With an ever flow of tracking coming from four different directions into the crossroad, this can be very challenging and extremely fun.  How long can you avoid collisions for?

Slightly Annoying Traffic is developed by JOrbits, as part of Ludum Dare.  If you’re unfamiliar with this, every four months a competition is run where developers are challenged to make an entire game in a single weekend.

If you fancy a bash, you can play Slightly Annoying Traffic for free.