Sony Music launches new indie publishing label, Unties

Multiplatform publisher will launch its first game next month.

Sony Music will be launching a new indie game publishing label. It’s called Unties, and it seems pretty Japan-centric at the moment (the press release, in Japanese, was first reported on in English by PlayStation Lifestyle).

“Unleashing unique games and unparalleled creative talent unto the entire world” is the label’s mission statement, with Sony stating that they:

intend to free creators from the myriad ties that bind them when it comes to publishing their games. We also vow to make free, limitless publishing a reality.

Interestingly, it’s a multiplatform proposition. This being Sony Music – unrelated operationally from Sony Computer Entertainment – they’re presumably not shackled to Sony’s own consoles. The label’s first game, AREA35’s Tiny Metal (pictured above), will ship for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch on 21st November.