3030 Deathwar Redux

3030 Deathwar Redux gets another update, hits Humble

Ten years in the making, and still going.

3030 Deathwar Redux has been over ten years in the making, and yet still it’s getting new features and additional content. Formally released out of Steam Early Access in September, the Redux version of 2014’s 3030 Deathwar – a sort of space-sim-cum-GTA-alike with a smidge of LucasArts adventure – has been garnering a fierce following on Steam. 97% is its current user score.

Today, the game hits the Humble Store too, and it’s been discounted by 30% to celebrate. Plus, co-developers and publisher Crunchy Leaf Games have been talking up a new feature – the latest in a string of updates aimed at making the game all the more immersive. When ships are destroyed in combat, players can now attempt to rescue their crew who are left floating in space – taking them back to the nearest station for an additional reward.

Says Crunchy Leaf founder Max Dohme:

The original 3030 Deathwar was released a decade ago but, since 2014, we’ve been putting it through Steam’s Early Access program, adding new content, features and updates to take it ever closer to the game we always dreamed of making.

We hit v1 on Steam in early September but we’re still looking to improve 3030 in the same vein – making the game more seamless, the world more cohesive, and the overall experience as immersive as it possibly can be.

Dohme added that, while each update on its own might seem minor, they’re all contributing to the cohesive whole they’re trying to make the game.

3030 Deathwar Redux made its way toward the top of those ‘Hidden Gems of Steam’ lists that did the rounds a while back. It’s currently got the biggest discount it’s ever had, so worth a go if you’ve a few quid to spare.

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