Okinawa Rush reaches Kickstarter goal

Martial arts RPG beat ’em up coming to PC and console.

Originally intended as a PC only release, with the success of the Kickstarter campaign (just recently smashed through their goal of £10,000), the developers, Sokaikan, have announced a port for Okinawa Rush to PS4 and Xbox One consoles as well.

Okinawa Rush is a 2D platforming game that features a complex, fluid fighting engine in a classic tale of vengeance and power. This is an intense combat focused game that challenges the player to hone their skills battling hordes of enemies.  Perhaps the most interesting element of the game is the “Parry anything” system.  Every attack thrown at you – even from bosses, can be parried, and doing so increases your rage meter, allowing you unleash an ultimate attack, destroying everything around you (even the scenery).

Nostalgia is abound with the graphics reminiscent of the glory days of 16 bit gaming, and Okinawa Rush recreates the awesome experience of co-op beat em’ up style gameplay.

If you’re interested, the Kickstarter campaign is still running, and backers who pledge £10 or more will receive a digital download copy of the full Okinawa Rush game on release.  For more, hit up the Okinawa Rush homepage.