Prehistoric Kingdom alpha demo and Kickstarter campaign

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to endorse your park.

Prehistoric Kingdom is a modern take on the tycoon simulator game genre, focused on building and managing your very own prehistoric-themed zoo, populating it with a large variety of extinct animals and opening its gates to the public for your guests to enjoy.  The dinosaurs seem to be much better behaved than their counterparts in a well known film series that may have provided some inspiration for this game.  I suppose that would help you achieve your goal in Prehistoric Kingdom – generating profit, I mean your guests do need to be alive to pay.  It may be a bit disheartening to not have a rampaging T-Rex swallowing man and outhouse alike, though.

Prehistoric Kingdom does, however, attempt to provide a realistic experience – with dinosaurs looks, sounds and behaviour all realistic and scientifically accurate.  Multiple creative tools are supplied to the player, allowing for almost limitless customisation.  Players can then show off the parks that they have created, by uploading them to the workshop for other players to download and enjoy.

Backers pledging £15 or more on the Prehistroic Kingdom Kickstarter page will get access to the Early Access release of the game, though this isn’t expected until November 2018.  If you can’t wait until then, download the demo at the Prehistoric Kingdom steam page.