Hello Neighbor is out now on Steam

Sneak into the basement and find out his secret. If you dare!

Hello Neighbor is out now on Steam

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror and puzzle game which was eagerly anticipated by many in the Steam community. It was on limited early release for a while, but has now been reworked, and it entered full release on December 8th. The aim is to sneak into the house of your friendly neighborhood psychopath and discover his dark secrets. Despite the mustachioed fellow’s flamboyant facial hair, he’s definitely no Ned Flanders, and so you had better do everything possible to give him the slip.

The game provides a lot of scope for doing just that, with an extremely interactive environment coupled with realistic object physics: throw fruit at his window, unscrew lightbulbs and move furniture to block off doors. But be warned: although the visuals of this game look more Toy Story than horror story, you are up against a fearsome AI mechanic which learns your tactics as the game progresses and can come up with novel ways of thwarting your plans.

As you move into the latter stages of Hello Neighbor, things start getting creepier, with the house revealing an array of unsettling secrets. Unless, that is, you choose to play on friendly mode, which gives you the freedom to mess with your neighbor without having to crouch motionlessly in a cupboard while he makes a cup of coffee.

Dynamic Pixels began developing this game in 2015, when they launched a Kickstarter page which raised over $12,000. The official release was on December 8th, but the game was initially criticised for having serious bugs. The very next day, however, the 1.1 patch was released, and since then reviews have been more favourable. The developers have promised another patch in the near future to fix some remaining issues. The game is available on PS4 and Xbox as well as PC.