Free to play Ironbound released on Steam

Eliminate your opponents for free during your coffee break.

Ironbound is a fast paced strategy game that looks more than a little like Hearthstone.  Much greater depth of customisation and RPG elements in Ironbound allow you to make your character your own.  There are many weapons, shields and trinkets that you can use, and many different tactics and strategic methods you can employ to dominate in online matches.

There are four heroes for you to choose form to suit your playstyle, the aggressive Berserker, the resilient Crusader, the stealthy Assassin or the cunning Witch.  Each provides a unique experience and employs their own tactics in duels.

Duels usually last for about five to ten minutes.  This makes Ironbound ideal for mobile gaming, and with cross platform play you can use one account across all your devices.  You can also battle against opponents on any system.

If you were part of the beta, don’t forget you can pick up some free in game gold.  This is used to purchase upgrades for your character, but don’t worry, gold can be earned by playing the game.

Ironbound is free to play across Steam, iOS and Android.  Check out the official Ironbound website for more.