Ignis gets new gameplay trailer

New fast paced caster looks set to ignite the duel arena genre.

As a wizard dueling in the arena you must have superior, almost perfect multi-casting skills. While shooting with magical missiles, dodging and protecting yourself with a mystical shield, you must decide when to create chaos with a meteorite, summon a fire-spitting familiar or cast an area-of-effect spell or curse. All this while watching the spells’ cool down timers.

Thanks to this game’s unique controls, you can flexibly determine the path of magical projectiles by using a mouse or a gamepad analog stick. If the opponent puts barriers in the arena, just go around them! Before the fight, you choose spells for your character or upgrade selected spells during the battle. So, in addition to skill, victory also depends on good tactics.

You can polish your mastery of magic in several variants of the single player mode, as well as in the local split-screen and online ranked multiplayer modes.  Each duel will be fast paced and short lived, but intense with a lot of variety.  Upon the release of Ignis, there will be 6 playable characters, each with their own spells and passive skills.  There are over 50 different spells for you to master, all of which can be upgraded for even more power and customisation.  You can summon one of eight familiars to provide further options for wrecking havoc.

While the game isn’t scheduled for release until quarter four of 2018, but you can wishlist Ignis on Steam now.