Legions at War begins Indiegogo campaign

Sandbox turn based strategy game gives players power over creation.

The concept of Legions at War is incredibly promising.  Rather than playing set campaigns as is the norm in strategy games, here you have full control over everything.  Really, everything.

There will be more than 30 units available at launch, with more to be added over time.  You control the properties of each unit, for example how far they can move and how many moves per turn, and even their battle capabilities.  You can even use chess units and completely change how they are used.  Sandbox in the truest sense of the word.  You can play battles against local, AI or online opponents, with the possibility of a single player campaign in the future if the Indiegogo campaign is sucessful.

The campaign goal is £110,600 / $150,000.  For a minimum contribution of £11 / $15, you’ll receive an early access pass for the Steam release, scheduled for the first quarter of this year.  Both console and mobile releases are also planned for the future, across which you can play with one save file.  Check out the Legions at War Indiegogo campaign if you’re eager to get involved.