Artifact Adventure Gaiden released today

Modern NES-like Artifact Adventure gets Game Boy style sequel.

The well received Artifact Adventure a NES inspired retro RPG released in 2015 today hands over the reigns to it’s new sequel, Artifact Adventure Gaiden.  What console is the next logical step to emulate after the NES?  The Gameboy of course.

Immerse yourself in the Game Boy-like design and the 2D open world while making choices that freely shape the scenario itself as you progress through this JRPG.  The choices you make are all up to you. But don’t forget, the decisions you make just might end up providing you with invaluable help three years in the future, upon the arrival of an impending disaster.  Embark on an adventure in which you sew the threads of your own future.

The battles in Artifact Adventure Gaiden are simple, but a lot of fun.  If you played any of the classic old RPGs like Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy Legend you’ll probably find a lot to enjoy here.  And for the most part, it truly looks and feels like you’re playing a Gameboy game in 2018 (though some of the animations are a lot more than the treasured ancient little handheld would manage).

To celebrate the release, there’s 10% off of Artifact Adventure Gaiden on Steam until the 16th of January.  Happily it’s also cheaper than trying to get your hands on an original Gameboy cartridge, priced at £6.47 / $8.99 / €8.99.