Planetoid Pioneers launches off next month

Join the geriatric astronauts in the customisable metroidvania.

In Planetoid Pioneers you can explore more than half a dozen worlds at launch, each featuring wildly distinct game modes, and unleash havoc on the hostile creatures and robots populating each planetoid. Blast or outsmart enemies to see chaos ensue in the detailed physics simulation of destructible bodies and vehicles.  Recycle the wreckage and build better things to progress deeper into the caves and dungeons of the circular worlds.

Planetoid Pioneers encourages creativity by giving players the same commercial-grade editing tools used by Data Realms to build the game. Players can create their own weapons, vehicles, characters, even their own world and drop them into the game while it’s running. User-generated content can be shared, rated, and downloaded via the Steam Workshop, while the best of it is automatically incorporated into the game.

Says Dan Tabar, founder of developer and Publisher Data Realms:

“Between user-generated content and the custom physics engine we built for Planetoid Pioneers, there’s a lot of room for fun wackiness to emerge.  Players can create whatever they desire to overcome the challenges of each planetoid and experience a personalized inter-astreroidal journey.”

You can already play the early access version of Planetoid Pioneers on Steam for £6.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.  The full version goes into orbit on the 8th of February, and will cost €19.99 / $19.99 (no price on pounds yet).