Yume Nikki gets new teaser trailer

Perhaps the most revealing trailer that doesn’t show any gameplay.

Since it’s release on Steam two days ago, the Internet has been going crazy and the change to play Yume Nikki again (it was first released in 2004).  If you’ve not heard of the game, check out our post – Yume Nikki out now for free on Steam.

Watch the above trailer with headphones if you can.  It’s an eight minute video of bizarre graphics and creepy sounds, laughter, screams and though no gameplay is shown, if you feel any kind of sense of foreboding, and a deep, dark atmosphere then you’ll undoubtedly fall into the rabbit hole that is Yume Nikki.

If you’re interested in learning about the mysterious one-man developer Kikiyama, and the secretive story behind the game, check out Lewis’ Dream Diary podcast.

If you haven’t already, download Yume Nikki on Steam for free.  We’ll be bringing you a review soon, so don’t get lost in the dream world just yet.