Five Kickstarter campaigns ending in February

These five great looking games will be published with your support.


We begin our list of gaming Kickstarter campaigns games which are ending next month, well, with something that isn’t really a game.

NESmaker looks very similar to RPGmaker.  It’s a tool to create NES games that can be run either in an emulator, or flash to a NES cartridge to be played on actual hardware.

The exciting part of NESmaker (for me at least) is that no coding is required.  Modules instead provide the base engines for a variety of game genres.  If the kickstarter campaign goal is met, stretch goals will allow for extra modules to be added, such as platformer, RPG, brawler and shooter modules.  These modules are also flexible, as says the developer, Joe Granato:

For instance, with tweaking to the base module, both the adventure game engine and platform engine could be utilized to create a ‘Metroidvania’ style side-scroller.  A shooter could be cleverly modified to create a runner.  A brawler could be manipulated to create a versus game.”

If you wish to make a contribution and be rewarded with the NESmaker software on release, you can make a minimum contribution of £26 / $36.

  • Campaign ends on the 11th of February, with 33 backers so far pledging £2,088 towards a target of £23,307.  If building your own retro game has always been a dream, check out the NESmaker Kickstarter campaign.

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight is an MMORPG for people without the time to invest in the grind of a regular MMO.

The world is made up of floating islands, below which lays a miasma which spawns terrible creatures.  This miasma raises up during the night, and burns off throughout the day.  The landmass is formed of thousands of floating islands, through which you can travel by flying or via an airship (wouldn’t be much of an MMO without an airship after all).  The land is also destructible, akin to Minecraft.

The combat is, strangely, comparable to Fruit Ninja, in the you’ll be able to dynamically slice through a skeletal mesh.  This looks incredibly satisfying, and also reminds me somewhat of Metal Gear Rising.  In addition to combat, you’ll find the usual MMO staples – crafting, housing etc.  You can also play in either first or third person.

Of course, there are several races to choose from, including Gnomes and Faries, and four classes: Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Thief.  You’ll improve your character by learning spells and abilities from monsters, books and even gods.

In order to be rewarded with the full digital copy of the game, you’ll need to make a pledge of £18 / $25 or more.  The game will firstly be released for PC, but the developers Luna Orion hope to release on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch as well.

Eden’s Last Sunrise

From what we can see of Eden’s Last Sunrise so far, it looks like it could be the spiritual successor of Final Fantasy Tactics – a risky statement, as that was an incredible game.

Eden’s Last Sunrise is a tactical RPG with a compelling job system and meaningful character interactions.  Just like Tactics, Eden’s Last Sunrise’s gameplay consists of an isometric view.  You can mix up your abilities for each character from different jobs, allowing build diversity.  You’ll also earn ability points through actions taken in battle, and be able to upgrade your equipment.

Eden’s Last Sunrise will be launched on both Steam and PS4 (but only in North/South American, European and Australian regions).  Pledge a minimum of £9 / $12, and you’ll get the full game in digital format at launch.  You can play a demo of the game now, at the official Eden’s Last Sunrise website.

  • Campaign ends on the 8th of February, with 120 backers so far pledging £1,651 towards a target of £36,417.  Head over to the Eden’s Last Sunrise Kickstarter campaign page if you’re interested in backing the game.

Obscure Realm: Arena

Obscure Realm: Arena will be the multiplayer standalone version of Obscure Realm.  There will be numerous game modes, such as free for all, arena, and a private mode to play with your friends.

Though designed for simple arcade fun, there will be many guns in the game, and throw-able weapons when a gun won’t cut it.  You’ll be able to play with either the keyboard or a gamepad.

You’ll only need to pledge a minimum of £7 / $10 to get access to the full game on Steam.  The developer, GCRH has set a couple of stretch goals, including more modes and more of everything.

  • Campaign ends on the 8th of February, with 74 backers so far pledging £83 towards a target of £2,312.  Make a contribution on the Obscure Realm: Arena Kickstarter campaign page if you want to support this game.

The Onus Helm

The Onus Helm is a randomly generated action adventure game with roguelike elements.  The room based, randomly generated dungeon crawler operates in a similar way to The Binding of Isaac, with each room offering weapons, mysterious creatures and even secret rooms.

Combat in The Onus Helm is both melee and ranged, with a wide range of weapons and items to collect.  As a roguelike, of course death is permanent.  There is a wide variety of enemies and bosses intent on taking you back to the title screen.  For hardcore players, there’s even a speed run clock to encourage competitiveness.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the developer, BcubedLabs have set stretch goals to allow two player local co-op, and even a multi-platform release.  With a minimum pledge of £7 / $10 you’ll get a copy of the game in digital form on release.

  • Campaign ends on the 8th of February, with 106 backers so far pledging £932 towards a target of £4,005.  Head over to The Onus Helm Kickstarter campaign if you are a fan of roguelike dungeon crawlers.

There you have it!  That’s five Kickstarter campaigns ending next month.  We’ll be bringing you a fresh new load of Kickstarter projects for you to sink your cash into next month.