Genital Jousting to leave early access

The phallic party game will also be available for the first time down under as well. 

Genital Jousting, a game ‘about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses’ is set to leave early access for full release this week. Publisher, Devolver Digital also announced that the game would be available in Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

When the game originally launched in 2016 it was announced that it wouldn’t be submitted to Australia’s notoriously heavy-handed classification board. After Devolver Digital’s experience trying to get Hotline Miami 2 classified for release in the country, it’s to be expected that they’d be a little cautious.

Thankfully, they’ve decided to dip their toe back in the water and push for an Australian release meaning now you don’t have to pirate the game, as Devolver’s lead designer, Jonatan Söderström once suggested to a Reddit fan in the case of Hotline Miami 2.

Genital Jousting will fully release on Steam on January 18 and, of course, when it does you can expect a slight price increase, so get it now if you’re interested.