Nine Parchments gets much needed Switch update

Multi-saving and bug fixes for the fast paced spell slinger.

Nine Parchments

A much sought-after feature has now been added to Nine Parchments on Switch – the ability to save more than one file.  Previously, in a Pokémon-esque design choice, only one save file could be stored.  Now, however, you’ll be able to save up to ten runs.

The update is also available for PC, whilst PS4 players will still unfortunately have to wait a little longer.  Here’s the list of bug fixes:


  • Fixes to saves being wiped when disconnecting from an online game
  • Online game can be started alone, no need to wait for others to join in the lobby
  • A lot of bug fixes to different kinds of issues of camera not moving and enemies not spawning or dying correctly
  • Changes to the online matchmaking logic
  • The invisible quill in Endless Snowbanks is now visible
  • Fix to the ”The Hero of Trine” Amadeus not unlocking if Amadeus dead when the boss is defeated
  • Other minor fixes

Check out James’ Nine Parchments Nintendo Switch review to see what we thought of Nine Parchments.  You can download Nine Parchments on Steam now, as well as PS4, Switch and Xbox One.