Primordian VR game gets early access release

Battle aliens in stunning VR adventure game Primordian.


An alien planet, populated by horrifying creatures and mysterious ancient ruins. No less, indeed, than the first planet in the universe, with one side constantly bathed in light and the other shrouded in eternal darkness. In this hotly-anticipated action adventure game, the player is really taken through the screen and into another world, and that’s meant more literally than you might think, because this game can only be played with a virtual reality headset.

If the graphics of Primordian seem a notch above your average indie game, it’s for a good reason. The developers, Stonepunk Studios, are staffed by only one employee, namely Jason Morris. Morris, who claims to get the inspiration for his games from his dreams, is a veteran developer whose credits include working as an artist on World of Warcraft, among other games at Blizzard Entertainment, where he worked for 9 years. He set off on his own in 2016 and started Stonepunk, in order to be free to pursue his own interests, which lay specifically in VR.


There’s no HUD in Primordian, and the two handheld motion sensors catch a wide array of actions, so you’ll need to clear a decent-sized space in your living room to play it. Since the game is set in an ancient alien civilisation, there is a lot of melee combat with weapons like dual-wielded swords, although there are also pistols, crossbows and grenades. Primordian is single player only, and its visuals are probably its greatest attraction, with truly stunning scenery and grotesquely realized aliens.

Primordian went live on Saturday 20th and is already proving to be a hit with gamers despite still being in early access. You can buy it on Steam,  assuming you have already invested in your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. They aren’t cheap, but an Oculus Rift is still less than half the price of top range smartphone. We’ve covered other great VR games such as OrbusVR on Indie Game Website, but this game will surely be seen as an early contender for top 10 VR games of 2018, with people calling it one of the best-looking games with the most satisfying combat of any VR game so far. Primordian is another sign that VR is perhaps starting to shed its reputation as a gimmick and might finally be on its way to going mainstream.