My Time At Portia gets early access today

Charming sandbox from legendary labels Team17 and Pathea Games.

Having been left a derelict workshop from your father in the beautiful and enchanting town of Portia, it’s now up to you to reclaim his legacy and set up your own shop.  In order to rebuild the home and make it your own, you’ll need to gather resources and make use of your Pa’s trusty old handbook and workbench.  You can also make use of the surrounding woodland, cultivating it into a quaint little farm, making use of unique cultivation techniques and planter boxes.

The community is the heart of Portia, filled with vibrant characters.  Members of the community have their own individual personalities, and will request you take on jobs for them, commissioning you to craft your way into the community.  It’s not all cute and friendly, as on the outskirts of town you’ll find ancient ruins and dungeons to explore.  If you can face the monsters and bosses that make these dungeons home, you may find a wealth of resources to mine, and even unearth the secrets of Portia.

Shiftlings 3

The developers of My Time at Portia say of the decision to launch on Steam early access:

“With a game of the scope of My Time at Portia, we need to ensure we get all the different mechanics balanced correctly, creating an amazing new experience for players. That’s why it’s so important for us to get player feedback whilst on this journey of Early Access, helping us create something truly special.  The Early Access version of My Time at Portia already contains many key features and hours of engaging gameplay, but there are plenty more planned on the journey to full release.”

My Time at Portia launches today on Steam in early access, and is priced at £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99.  The developers have confirmed that the game will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and Switch, though not until later this year.