Soul Grabber early access launches on Steam

Beat-em-up combat and randomised dungeon crawling collide.

Soul Grabber

A new beat-em-up game, Soul Grabber, launches on PC today. In Soul Grabber, you play as an archaeologist who has to make his way through dangerous lands while possessing the souls of his enemies. The game has three worlds for you to conquer, dozens of different types of enemies, boss fights, countless dungeons, and the freedom to shape your own story as you progress through the game.

Soul Grabber was developed by Masthead Studios, an independent game studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Masthead Studios is also the developer of Earthrise, Guns and Robots, and Jelly Tunes. The game is currently in alpha, and is available for early access on Steam. While it’s available to play, there may be bugs, as is expected of early access games.

In Soul Grabber, you must take control of your enemies and use their abilities to make your way through different environments. As Orlin Dutskinov, creative directive director at Masthead Studios explains:

“With Soul Grabber we are twisting the classic beat’em genre by featuring the body-swap skill which will give you the power to fight as if you were one of the bad guys … The current game is a neat game, but it will evolve into a longer and deeper adventure as the project gets closer to it’s full release.”

You can get Soul Grabber on Steam now with a 10% launch discount until the 5th of February, for £1.52.