Sling Ming swinging onto Switch in spring

On-rails adventure puzzler is perfect for Switch controls.

In Sling Ming, it’s your goal to, well, Sling Ming, by hooking up to the Oxylane, a transit system that lets you fly through the air, swing around corners and defy gravity. Use it to recover the keys to the mysterious vault beneath the castle. Your kingdom is being consumed by evil, and it’s your job to put a stop to it.

With the Oxylane, Sling Ming introduces a totally unique way of exploring and solving puzzles in its side-scrolling 2D worlds.  You’ll need to plan your path between the nodes on the lane carefully, and timely sling between them, collecting coins and avoiding death simultaneously. You may also need to revisit nodes you’ve already traveled to, and rearrange your build in order to solve puzzles.

There’s an unusual focus on story for a platform game, and the beautiful worlds and catchy music make for a grand adventure.  There are also challenges on every level, and high scores for the competitive.

Sling Ming will be coming to Steam as well as the Nintendo Switch, however the developers, Good Night Brave Warrior, state that Sling Ming controls flawlessly with either touch or Joy-Con, making it perfect for Nintendo Switch.  It’s expected for release on both platforms in the Spring of this year.