Arena brawler Spellsworn going Free to Play

Frogsong Studios’ first title will hit this new business model in March.

Swedish indie developers at Frogsong Studios announced today that their PvP spellcaster arena brawler inspired on Warcraft 3’s Warlock mod, Spellsworn, will be available in its Free to Play version from March. Until now the game was priced in Steam at $9.99/€9.99/£9.99 in Steam since its Early Access launch almost three years ago.

Spellsworn is a PvP based competition in which players have to deal not only with their opponents, but also with a progressively shrinking map that forces them to adapt quickly in a fast paced experience. As the game’s name hints, combat is defined by a combination of different types of, you got it, spells.

Matches can be populated with up to eight players that will battle to become the last one standing in an experience that offers an exciting and quick-thinking gameplay, while also trying to use the map’s outline to their advantage. Stepping off the arena will inflict damage over time, although being able to keep yourself out of the range of different hazardous elements that will appear over time is also a priority.


Albeit, Spellsworn still has a business model intended to attract new players with its Free to Play new era, while adding a set of cosmetic monetized items to the game. “We want to stress that only cosmetic items, like skins and staffs, will be monetized, which will not affect the gameplay in any way. Players, who acquire Spellsworn before the launch, are in for a treat as they will be granted six unique items, two of which will be exclusive to the Early Acces owners only!”, stated in a press release Frogsong Studios’ CEO, Stefan Jonsson.

“The competitive nature of Spellsworn is ideal for a free-to-play business model and this change in monetization will make it easier for our community to grow and enjoy the fast paced arena battles through a seamless matchmaking system”, he added.