Platformer Slime-San gets new DLC

New content for award winning platformer is free to download.

If you’re not familiar with Slime-San, it’s a platformer where you play a slime, who has unfortunately been eaten by a giant worm. The entire premise of the game is built on escaping from the stomach of the worm and back out of his mouth. You do this by running and jumping through a vast amount of levels, containing hours of single player content.

The new downloadable content, Sheeple’s Sequel, contains 20 normal and 20 new game+ levels, as well as five remix levels from the main campaign. Ensuring the new levels play differently to the main campaign are dozens of new hazards placed around the levels.

For the competitive players, there’s also a new speed running mode for the DLC levels with leaderboards. There’s also a new unique boss fight, and a new rhythm mode, as well as three special play styles.

For players who already own the original Slime-San, the new DLC is free – through an automatic update.¬† If you just wish to buy Sheeple’s Sequel on Steam as a standalone you can, without having to buy the full version of Slime-San on Steam.