Robot racer Break Arts II is out now on Steam

Build your racing robot, then battle your way to the finish line!

Break Arts II

The first Break Arts, developed by Japanese one-man operation Mercury Studios, pitted fighting robots against each other in a simultaneous battle to the death and race to the finish line. Break Arts was originally developed for the mobile platform, but now the bots are back for another round of mechatronic mayhem, with Break Arts II releasing for PC.

Break Arts II features a new and improved customisation system, with a huge variety of weapons and upgrades which you can fit to your robot to get the better of your opponents. You can then take your metallic masterpiece into a race with other players on the multiplayer, and do your best to blast them to pieces, or alternatively hone your skills in offline mode.

Gamers are praising Break Arts II’s action-packed gameplay and stunning visuals, although some have raised  issues with the keyboard controls. All in all, Break Arts II is a reasonably original concept: a fast-paced, Japanese, sci-fi answer to a demolition derby, and pending few bug fixes and fiddling around with the controls by the developer, it looks like a lot of fun. Buy it on Steam here.