Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets launch trailer

Kickstarter backed critically acclaimed RPG launching tomorrow.

Four years after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is launching tomorrow. With an initial goal of £300,000 dwarfed by the final contribution total of over £1.1 million, the game was the third most backed project in 2014.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world, story heavy RPG taking place in the Holy Roman Empire. You’ll battle invading forces as you avenge the death of your parents, making choices that influence the game and embarking on game-changing quests. Fight or seduce, steal or bribe, threaten or persuade the people around you and influence their reactions.

The combat in the game is allows you freedom in your choices, such as ranged attacks, stealthy kills or straight-up melee. You’ll have a vast array of weaponry to choose from, with dozens of combos to mercilessly slaughter your enemies.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Martin Kilma, Executive Producer at Warhorse Studios addressed the Kickstarter backers and players:

“All of us at Warhorse would like to thank our community, the backers and friends who helped us to bring this dream to life by giving us the chance to develop what we believe is a unique RPG experience! The production realities of game development mean that a ‘release’ version has to be finalised some time before the actual release date. We could have used this time to get some rest, or we could use it to create some additional content and sell it to you as DLC, but we went back to the version-to-be-released and worked on it. The results are obvious: quests are more balanced, RPG progression is smoother, the game runs faster and every facet of the game got more polish. The drawback of course is that most of the data in the old build was replaced and has to be downloaded as a patch. At a hefty size, it’s going to take some time to download and it’s a shame. Still, we strongly believe that after four years wait it will pay off to wait a little bit longer while the Day 1 patch is downloading. Trust me, it will deliver the awesome experience YOU deserve!”

From tomorrow, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. For more information on the game, check out the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance website.