Visual Out

Visual Out launches next month

The exploration driven platformer arrives next month.

MadameBerry, developer behind the indie metroidvania Visual Out has announced the released date for her debut title which is coming to Windows PC, Mac and Linux on March 15th, 2018. Alongside the announcement a new trailer was debuted for the game which showcased various puzzles, challenges, combat encounters and so much more. Visual Out is a exploration-driven platformer in which you play as an escaped program traversing between different sectors of an obsolete and dying computer. Gain different abilities that reveal hidden areas, glitch enemies, control the flow of electricity and more whilst uncovering the secrets behind the computer’s and its creator’s demise.

Visual Out’s design lets direct combat takes a back-seat and instead focuses on using abilities to outsmart enemies and manipulate the environment around you to help you along your journey. In addition, the game also features:

  • A vast environment within the dying computer.
  • Six unique abilities and their upgrades that aid in exploration.
  • Manipulable environments via controlling the flow of power.
  • A mix between a mechanical and digital landscape, rendered with distinctive visual effects and minimalist pixel art.
  • Mysterious ambient-glitch soundtrack by Abstraction Music.
  • Four sectors, each with bosses to overpower and outsmart.


If you are interested in checking out the game when it launches, it will be available to purchase on the official Visual Out Steam page for $9.99. It will also be available to purchase the Visual Out on for $9.99 (with pricing not yet confirmed for other regions.).