Horror game STARBO is out now on Steam

Adventure-horror STARBO takes you on a trip into the wild blue yonder.


Working in a dead-end job with a terrible boss called Jorge Blue, Leo Cornell eventually gets fired, and slowly comes to the realisation that his dead-end job has led him to an all too literal dead end, as the plane he was on has plunged into the Caribbean sea. And so, Leo passes out of the mortal world and into a nightmarish blue-tinged dreamscape full of hellish and otherwordly monsters.

STARBO is an adventure-horror which takes you on a terrifying trip through a strange watery world. The gameplay involves solving puzzles and avoiding the predations of some rather nasty critters, and just exploring the eerie game world. STARBO was developed by one-man Swedish studio Diax Game, who were previously working on open-world survival game The Living Z7, which as yet remains without an official Steam release.

STARBO has received praise so far by buyers for its immersive atmosphere and its subtly psychological brand of horror, although be warned, it’s a very short game with some gamers reporting only a little over an hour of gameplay. Buy it on Steam here.