Boo! Greedy Kid

Boo! Greedy Kid screams onto Steam today

Use your own voice to scare people and steal their money.

In Boo! Greedy Kid, you play as a small brat who’s so into soda that he doesn’t blink an eye before wreaking havoc to get his favorite drink. Go frighten people in order to grab their money and buy drinks. Play the platformer with your own voice through one hundred levels to get to the ultimate soda treasure, but be aware of the cops coming your way to stop your greediness.

As well as screaming at people to scare them you can play using a controller, should you be worried about your neighbours calling the police about all the screaming. You can also play stealthily, hiding behind furniture and dodging the police.

In a rather unusual manner you can distract characters in the game by twerking. There are 100 levels of money grabbing, twerking and soft drink collecting. If you manage to complete all of these, there’s also a level editor. Levels created can be shared with other players via the Steam Workshop.

You can download Boo! Greedy Kid on Steam from today, for £4.49 / €4.99 / $4.99.