Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes now on iOS


Villagers and Heroes brings the beloved genre of the MMO straight to your phone without losing scope. Raids, Quests, and the rush of MMO combat are at your fingertips with all the possibilities they bring. Whether you’re a mighty warrior, a cunning hunter, a wise priest, or a deadly mage, Villagers and Heroes lets you play and customize the the hero you want to be.

Damon Slye, President of Mad Otter Games said of the launch to another platform:

“We are excited about the game finally coming to the Apple App Store so that players new and old can play on the Apple devices to experience one of the most immersive cross-platform MMORPG’s available. We are looking for beta testers for iOS, so if you would like to get your hands on the iOS version early to help test, please sign up on the website!”

Villagers and Heroes is multi-platform, meaning you can play with other players on Android and PC, though expect most of them to be of a much higher level, as the game originally launched on Steam in 2014.

You can sign up for the beta and find more information on the official Villagers and Heroes website.