5 Minutes Rage

5 Minutes Rage blasting its way onto Steam

5 Minutes Rage launches with a free weekend.

Italian developer Indomitus Games will release their new multiplayer sports game, 5 Minutes Rage, this Friday with the first two days free to play for all.

The 2.5D multiplayer game pits “junkbots” against each other in local or online matches with one-a-side or two-a-side teams who must shoot a glowing ball into their opponent’s goal as many times as they can during five minute rounds.

Players will use laser machine guns, explosive bullets, shields and sprinting to intercept and catch the ball, fight their opponents to the death and try to earn praise from the “Skill Skull”.

According to 5 Minutes Rage’s Steam page it is: “a hybrid between a party game and a shooter: straightforward and fun but leaving space for development and tactics. The aesthetic mixes a colourful 80s flavoured atmosphere with last generation graphics and effects.”

5 Minutes Rage will include multiple arenas, options to train against bots, an online leaderboard, in-game emojis and three single-player mini games with a certain, specific theme: Rage Invaders, Super Rage Box and Lethal Rage.

In spite of the option to play single-player, 5 Minutes Rage encourages players to battle against their friends (or enemies) online as each match builds towards unlocking new customisations for the junkbots.

This is the second title released by the Lucca, Italy-based indie studio which developed Verbis Virtus; a voice-controlled, fantasy adventure game where players use their voice to cast spells. The company was created by former students who were brought together for a class project in 2011 and released Verbis Virtus four years later.

The game can be played in English, Italian, Spanish and simplified Chinese and has full controller support.

5 Minutes Rage will launch on Steam this Friday with the two free days running from March 2 at 8pm and finishing on March 4 8pm (GMT) but will cost $11.99, €11.99 and £8.63 after that.